About our Spanish Language School

About Spanish Dale! Language School

Spanish Dale! Language School features 2 unique schools in Nicaragua, Central America. Established in 2006, our language school offers intensive Spanish instruction for individuals, couples, children and families.

Key Facts About Our Students

Average Age: 38

Gender: Male (41%) – Female (59%)

USA: 49%
Canada: 19%
The Netherlands: 11%
England: 9%
Other: 18%

Spanish Dale! Granada

Our school in Granada is located in the charming Mansion de Chocolate. This hotel is in a colonial-style mansion 220 yards from Granada Central Park and features the Chocolate Museum on site where guests can see the manufacturing process. Other amenities include a full-service spa, a 60 feet outdoor swimming pool, a poolside bar and a coffee shop/café.

The climate up here is perfect for studying, relaxing and having fun!

Spanish Dale! We Offer Classes at the Apoyo Lagoon

Enjoy the cool breezes from this volcanic lake and consider a cleansing dip in the crystal clear lake. We offer classes in any location you choose. There are many hotels and hostels available for you to choose from. We will meet you wherever your staying.

The climate up here is perfect to rejuvenate, unwind, and find yourself in an inspiring and nurturing environment!

Spanish Dale! Language School provides

  • Flexibility. Students can arrive any day of the week throughout the entire year
  • Weekly Study Plans. Homestays with host families go from Sunday to Saturday with Spanish classes on weekdays, Monday to Friday
  • Advanced planning. Arrange your classes up to a year in advance alongside your travel plans. For example, what about traveling throughout Central America? Arrange a couple of weeks of classes to start your trip and finish with another week or two before heading home.
  • Flexible home-stays. Want to arrange some extra days with your host family before or after taking classes? No problem! You can even arrange an extended stay with a family with a break in the middle to visit other parts of Nicaragua before returning. The program is open to adaptation to almost any travel plans the student may have.

Ten Good Reasons to Choose Spanish Dale! Language School

  • Two unique locations in Nicaragua, one of Lonely Planet’s best value travel destinations for 2014.
  • We are all certified instructors with highly experience in teaching and trained in every level of Spanish learning (from the most basic level to the advanced Spanish learner)
  • Our Spanish Language School offers the best value for your dollar of all the schools both in Central and South America
  • Great international reputation (Lonely Planet, Footprint Travel Guides, Viva Travel Guides, Moon and a Google 5 star rating)
  • Extra activities can be organized for you by the school (Volcanoes, Islands, Sports, Yoga, Arts and more)
  • A week (7 days) at our language school with 20 hours private lessons is around a third of what a Spanish school with the same high standards would cost in Costa Rica
  • As a student, you would benefit from a high standard private large room and 3 meals a day. You get your private keys, so you can come and go whenever you want Why not stay with a family instead of choosing a hostel?
  • You can practice what you learned during your course at home with your new Nicaraguan family, choosing our homestay program
  • As a student, you will benefit from the facilities both offered by Mansion de Chocolate and the Apoyo Lagoon.
  • All our selected homes are situated within 10 minutes from our school.