Our Spanish Language School Team

Spanish Dale! Language School boasts a team of Nicaraguan teachers educated and trained in all facets of Spanish grammar, direct and dynamic teaching methods and in effective student/teacher interactions.

Our Team

María Leticia Dávila Bermúdez – Administrator
Leticia studied Business Administration in English at the University in Granada, and later traveled abroad to complete more intensive studies in Business and English. She began to seriously pursue her passion for teaching the language, culture of traditions of Nicaragua in 2000, and is currently a teacher and the administrator of Spanish Dale! Language School. Married with three daughters (Pamela, Ixkra and Nirvana), Leticia enjoys social activities, volleyball and dancing. View Leticia Davila's LinkedIn profileView Leticia Davila’s profile

Gloria Marina Ruiz GutiérrezPedagogical Manager
Gloria received her degree from the Universidad Nacional de Nicaragua in Managua where she studied philosophy and communications. After completing her studies, she went on to work as a teacher of Spanish as a second language at various schools and organizations. She values punctuality, responsibility, honesty, as well as quality in teaching; she also seeks ways to make classes creative and dynamic. Originally from neighboring Masaya, Gloria currently resides in Masaya along with her husband and three sons. View Gloria Ruiz's LinkedIn profileView Gloria Ruiz’s profile

Arleen Maria Reyes CamposSpanish Teacher
Arleen was born in Granada, Nicaragua where she lives with her family, including son Jeshua. She studied Law at the Universidad Centroamericana (UCA) and, at the same time, she studied English as a second language at a nearby academy. She has been with Spanish Dale! Language School for nearly a decade and has experience teaching students of all levels, from beginner to advanced. She enjoys a wide variety of activities, including cooking and listening to music. She also loves to read, especially books about world history or animals. View Arleen Reyes's LinkedIn profileView Arleen Reyes’s profile


Aura Lila Ruiz López – Spanish Teacher
Aura has been working in the teaching area for the last eight years with foreign students of all levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced). Prior to that, she studied Accounting and English, and also specialized in Spanish as a second language. In her free time, she likes cooking and interacting with others. She values punctuality as well as quality in teaching. View Aura Ruiz's LinkedIn profileView Aura Ruiz’s profile


Jérôme Simphal – Many thanks for helping us create this website. Jérôme spent a summer vacation in Nicaragua and met the team while studying Spanish at Spanish Dale! Language School. As a volunteer, Jérôme helps driving a comprehensive strategy that will build brand awareness, encourage digital engagement, and drive influence in the marketplace.