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6 months ago
I did a one week lesson with Fatima and it went great! Fatima is a kind, fun and patient teacher. I definitely learned a lot. I had some very basic words before hand and now I have more vocabulary/phrases that are already helping me to have more confidence to try and speak and understand in Spanish with the locals.
Thanks so much!
3 months ago
I did two weeks of classes here with two different teachers, Marta and Aura. Both of them were absolutely wonderful people and great at designing lessons around what I wanted to work on. I did a homestay which had more of a guesthouse feel because there wasn’t a ton of interaction most days, but it was a beautiful home and really nice to have a private bedroom and all meals provided at such a good price. I would love to have been able to stick around Inger to take more classes. Definitely recommend!
2 months ago
This school is great! Excellent instruction at a very good price, classes in a fun and interesting location. I highly recommend a homestay because it is as cheap as a hostel dorm with a lot more comfort and great meals included. I highly recommend them!
2 weeks agoNew
I studied 3 weeks at Spanish Dale with homestay. My teacher Martha is very patient and helped me improve learning Spanish. The owner Leticia is caring to all her students. The homestay homes are nice and big.
a year ago
I had the best time at Spanish Dale and the homestay as well. Silvia, my teacher, was helping me focus on the important parts of learning a language. She was so lovely and easy to talk to. Fatima, where I stayed for the homestay, had a great home where I was able to use my Spanish a lot. Her sweet employees cooked the best food as well!!
I highly recommend this school!
9 months ago
I would highly recommend the Spanish school, it helped me immensely! Leticia the owner is very sweet and everything was organized in a professional manner.
My teacher Aura was super patient and nice to me, I really enjoyed the lessons with her! Within 2 weeks I learned a ton of new vocabulary and lots of different grammar / tenses. The location at the chocolate mansion was calm and the perfect study environment as well.
a year ago
We can highly recommend Spanish Dale Language School! We did the 20 hours course and because of our teacher Fatima (she’s the best!) and her structured method we have learned so much in such a short time. We can now easily ask questions, make phrases and have conversations in Spanish. We know now at least 30 verbs which we can use and combine to say so many things. Which is very useful for us as we are traveling through Latin America! Many thanks again Fatima!

Paul Hebden

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️16 hours ago  11/26/2019

Really enjoyed my week studying at Dale. The relaxed atmosphere and one to one lessons helped me to learn a lot during this this time.


Anton Briant

Thursday 14th November 2019

Me and my wife studied here for 1 week and learnt so much! Spanish Dale took us from our meagre understanding of the language to full confidence in speaking with locals. The staff were very friendly and or teacher Fatima was lovely. We also stayed in a homestay with Rosita through the school. The homestay was very welcoming, the family so sweet, and the food was excellent. Highly recommended

Robert Ruiz


I just spent 4 weeks of 4 hour’s a day with Arleen learning Spanish… I’m so happy with my progress I’ve made, from knowing very little to not quite able to carrying on a full conversation, but being able to shop in Spanish and order in a restaurant in Spanish, ask directions. Upon my return back to Los Angeles I practice everyday now with family and friends. I’m 68 year’s old and it’s never to late to learn a new language. I highly recommend SPANISH DALE.

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April 1, 2019 5 Stars, Judith Verret, Canada

“I just finished my second visit in Nicaragua. In November 2017 and March 2019, I studied one month each time with Gloria. She is very knowledgable, patient and adaptable.  I even took clases on Skype with her in the mean time and I continue doing so. She goes the extra mile to satisfy my requests which sometimes are quite demanding.  She reviews my writings and send them back giving me hints to autocorrect. I cannot expect more from a teacher.  She is wonderful.  I was told by other students from this same school that their teacher too was wonderful.
I love the school setting.  We are in the Hotel Mansion de Chocolate, around one of the beautiful patios. Every morning, I could see a hummingbird coming to visit the flowers.  Isn’t it better than an aula?
I came by bus, from Costa Rica and Leiticia was at the bus stop waiting for me. I couldn’t expect more as client service.  Both times I studied with them, I stayed with a family they had chosen for me.  I enjoyed both experience. Don’t hesitate, you won’t find a better school.”
Judith Verret, Canada

Noga Marmor opinó sobre Spanish Dale: 5 estrellas

· 20 de julio de 2015 ·

 Great school. My teacher was amazing, i learned a lot in just one week. My teacher understood my level so quickly so it made it easy to progress a lot in little time. Highly recommend
Forrest Frantz opinó sobre Spanish Dale: 5 estrellas

· 3 de marzo de 2015 ·

 Aura Lopez – Can’t say enough great things about her. We hired her to spend 5 days with our family to keep us speaking Spanish. To do this we adopted her into our family. She bunked with my wife’s sister so she would be with us the entire time, breakfast, excursions, lunch, excursions, dinner, etc.. We paid for everything for her like she was our daughter plus a daily rate. She really improved our ability to not only speak, but hear the language. To do this, she rarely spoke English to keep us immersed.

Her cost was actually free because with a family, excursion costs add up quickly. But Aura acted as our guide and because she is a local, got us into places foreigners can’t usually go.

Aura is funny, kind, patient, slow speaking, and fun to be around. She even sledded down a volcano with us smiling the whole time. This type of immersion is also fun for her. As a local, she works very hard to just survive and doesn’t get a chance to take “vacations”. Aura is very special. We miss her.

Andreas Wilk opinó sobre Spanish Dale: 5 estrellas

· 31 de enero de 2015 ·

 My wife and I had a great time in Granada. The classes are well organized and fun and improved our Spanish significantly. The teachers are very friendly and extend the lessons into the afternoon during the sightseeing programs. Last not least the accomodation was at a very high standard, we lived in the house of a lady who cooked very well and took her time to discuss with us in Spanish the news and Nicaraguan history and nature. The garden was beautiful and offered an opportunity to relax and do the “tareas” in the cool while enjoying the smell of the flowers.

I have had the pleasure of learning Spanish from Spanish Dale! Language School. When I came to Granada I could not speak an intelligent sentence in Spanish. I worked with Leticia for a few months learning Spanish. Her instruction was incredible. She was patient with me even when I was frustrated and ready to give up. I can now speak reasonably good Spanish and a whole new world has opened up for me. I would recommend Spanish dale to anyone that has a sincere interest in learning Spanish. The environment is spectacular. They are located in a huge hotel that is tastefully decorated and includes numerous amenities like a swimming pool, restaurant, and of course rooms to rent at a very reasonable rates. It’s great to have a class and then go for a swim. Thank you Spanish Dale! Language School for all your help. You get FIVE stars!!!!!! Steven, USA.

I just began taking Spanish classes in this great mansion where Spanish Dale! Language School is located. If you are a Gringo and want to learn Spanish this is the best way to go!! I checked out other schools and was surprised that they did not have anyone that understood English. As far as I am concerned it’s necessary to at least communicate with me on a basic level in my native language. Spanish Dale! Language School does just that. Arlen, my teacher, is very well prepared for every session. She has numerous teaching materials and gently corrects me when I get it wrong. This is great, I am learning another language and it’s not nearly as hard as I thought it would be. Thank you Spanish Dale! Kevin, USA.

Perhaps there exist Spanish language schools with comparable level to Spanish Dale! Language School in Granada – but there is certainly no other school where the lessons are given in such an amazing environment : in a tropical garden, in a beautiful mansion with many patios and with such a colonial atmosphere. Our teachers, Arleen, Gloria and Judith were very competent and friendly, whereas the administrator, Leticia, helpful in organizing interesting excursions in the neighborhood of the city. So, if you are someone who is interested in learning Spanish, we strongly recommend to visit this wonderful town and be immersed in a Latin atmosphere thanks to Spanish Dale! Irena & Hubert, Canada.

Veldig god spanskskule. Arlen Fabiola Pilarte Guevara er ein dyktig lærar. Odd Eivind, Norway.

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