Land of Lakes and Volcanoes

Nicragua, Land of Lakes and Volcanoes

Land of lakes and volcanoes, Nicaragua comprises a great number of lagoons and lakes, and a range of volcanoes. This chain runs from north to south along the country’s Pacific side. Two two large in-land lakes, Cocibolca (Lake Nicaragua) and Xolotlán (Lake Managua) occupy about 10 percent of the country’s surface area. Lake Nicaragua is the second largest freshwater lake in Latin America. Today, only 7 of the 50 volcanoes in Nicaragua are considered active. Nicaragua’s highest volcano is San Cristobal in the northwest region. Many of these volcanoes offer some great possibilities for tourists with activities such as hiking, climbing, camping, and swimming in crater lakes.


Leticia Davila studied Business Administration in English at the University in Granada, and later traveled abroad to complete more intensive studies in Business and English. She began to seriously pursue her passion for teaching the language, culture of traditions of Nicaragua in 2000, and is currently a teacher and the administrator of Spanish Dale! Married with three daughters (Pamela, Ixkra and Nirvana), Leticia enjoys social activities, volleyball and dancing.

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