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We invite you to become a Guest Blogger on our blog. Since we love to regularly offer original, fresh and informative content to our audience, we are now accepting Guest Posts related to below topics:

  • Places to Stay and Things to Do in Granada,
  • Travel and Tourism in Nicaragua,
  • Nicaraguan Nature and Culture,
  • Spanish Learning Tips (lessons and/or resources).

Targeted guest blogger

  • A Travel-related Business Owner in Nicaragua can promote special events and other relevant services and products (activities, attractions, accommodations, restaurants, tour group, or service, etc.),
  • A Traveler, who simply enjoyed vacationing in Nicaragua or in Granada, can share his/her travel experience here,
  • A Proud Nicaraguan Citizen, a “Homesick” Nica living abroad or a Happy Expat living among us, can help promoting Nicaragua, allowing travelers to get the most of their stay (wildlife watching, outdoor activities, nature, culture, history, etc.),
  • A Language Addict can share tips and tricks for learning Spanish effectively and efficiently.

Benefits to write on our blog

  • Your name or business name and website/blog will be publicly published. We will incorporate a short author biography at the bottom of your post to include who you are, what other writing you have done, and where your social media profiles are located.  It’s a fantastic way to get your name and business out there,
  • You will get new traffic to your own blog or to your business website. Readers that enjoy your guest posts are likely to head over to your blog or you website to check out your own content and stick around for future articles,
  • Spanish Dale! Language School will return the favor. You are helping us and our readers out by writing a quality post and for that we are grateful. If you ever need us to return the favor, we would be happy to help,
  • You can offer a fresh perspective to our blog.

Best practices

  • Articles must be written in English and are selected based on the writing quality and the originality. Please do not send duplicate articles,
  • It must be a post relevant to our blog topics : Things to Do in Granada, Travel and Tourism in Nicaragua, Nicaraguan Nature and Culture and of course, Spanish Learning Tips,
  • The final post should be around 500 words and include at least one picture to be used as the featured image on our blog.

The small print

  • Guest posts will be published only as needed, meaning Spanish Dale! Language School have a limited number of openings and specific dates on the calendar that we would like to fill.
  • Spanish Dale! Language School reserves the right to make all decisions on which posts to accept and publish on the blog. Our choices are not up for debate.
  • While we will not change your content, we will proofread and make spelling or other minor changes as needed.  We may also add and/or delete links within the article at our discretion.
  • Search engines penalize websites and blogs for duplicate content, so please do not re-publish the article verbatim on your own website or blog.  You’re more than welcome to link to the post on Spanish Dale! Language School and share it with your own readers or write similar posts for your own website or blog.

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