Mombacho Volcano, Nicaragua

Mombacho Volcano, Nicaragua

Hike the Mombacho Volcano

If you’re interested in learning Spanish in Granada, Nicaragua, don’t just bring your flip-flops or sandals, but also bring your hiking boots.

There are no less that 13 volcanoes, strung in a line from north to south, in Nicaragua. All are part of the Pacific Ring of Fire, where tectonic plates are still in motion. But have no fear, most of these volcanoes are inactive or dormant, offering great outdoor hiking adventures — hence the need for those boots.

One such volcano, very accessible from Granada, Nicaragua, was named Mombacho by Nahuatl Indians. I’ve seen various translations of the name “Mombacho”. Call it whatever you like, but be assured that if you visit there you’ll come away with an unforgettable experience.

Just the very steep ride to the top in the nature reserves military type vehicle is enough to wet your appetite for what lies ahead. You’ll stop briefly at a coffee plantation for your first scenic glimpse of the surrounding countryside/jungle.

At the top you’ll find: An historical and educational talk about the volcano, reasonably priced guided tours, solo hikes, a small cafeteria, and many foto opportunities. You’ll be ready to return to your Spanish classes to relate the whole trip to your professor (all in Spanish of course). Happy trails!


About Geary Radcliffe

Geary Radcliffe has traveled extensively over the last 10 years in Central America in his pursuit to learn the Spanish language, while enjoying his retired life style. These countries include Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, and mostly Nicaragua. He also studied for awhile in Quito, Ecuador, but he has come to enjoy Granada, Nicaragua the most. Geary has been visiting Granada, exclusively, for about six years in a row.

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