Concepcion Volcano, Ometepe, Nicaragua

Concepcion Volcano, Nicaragua

Situated in the charming Ometepe Island, the Concepcion Volcano is considered as the most perfect cone-shaped volcano in the Americas. The still active Concepcion volcano is joined by a narrow isthmus to the dormant Maderas Volcano. This 1,610-meter (5,280-foot) volcano is Nicaragua’s second highest one. Concepcion is a stratovolcano and since 1883 it has erupted more than 24 times. Its last eruption occured in 2010. The Concepcion climb is best done from Altagracia. It will take you 8 hours round-trip to climb to the top of it. Beware, you should be in a good shape to ascent! Yet, the view from the top of the volcano is mind blowing!

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